CMN Knowledge Hubs

CMN Knowledge Hubs

To support mountain research including Indigenous and Western ways of knowing and doing, the Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) is investing a total of $3.4 million over 3 years to support the development of up to 6 place-based Knowledge Hubs supported at levels of $100,000-$300,000 per year (or $300,000 – $900,000 total over the three years).

CMN is no longer accepting Full Applications (for Review). You will be able to update your (for Review) application with your to-be-determined elements between May 4 and 12pm MT June 3. Once your application is updated, please mark application status = Finalized.

Note that CMN will not communicate any feedback or suggestions for improvement based on RMC review occurring between May 3 and June 3.

Knowledge Hub – Timeline

About the Knowledge Hubs

These Knowledge Hubs are centers of activity that bring together diverse participants with shared priorities and objectives that include complementary research, training, knowledge mobilization, and networking activities. The hubs will advance the role of both Indigenous and Western ways of knowing, doing and being in evidence-based decision making. The Knowledge Hubs will also actively engage Indigenous communities, youth, elders, and knowledge holders to foster the co-development of research agendas, leading to learning and teaching among all knowledge stakeholders.

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General procedure for Mitacs placements within CMN place-based Knowledge Hubs

Mitacs process for place-based Knowledge Hubs*

  1. In your place-based Knowledge Hub full application:
    a) Specify the amount of Mitacs funding that your hub requests from CMN.
    b) Identify which organizations (a training organization and a partner organization) will be involved in a Mitacs placement.
  2. Once Knowledge Hubs are approved for funding, CMN will confirm potential Mitacs funding envelope.
  3. The University / College Organization Supervising Training Program listed in your Place-based Knowledge Hub full application submits an application to Mitacs. Mitacs representatives assist with this step. CMN reviews and approves Mitacs application prior to submission.
  4. Mitacs reviews your application.
  5. Once approved, Mitacs invoices both CMN and the Eligible Partner Organization.
  6. CMN and the Eligible Partner Organization send funds to Mitacs.
  7. Mitacs distributes funds to the University / College Organization Supervising Training Program.

Mitacs awards are primarily focussed on stipends towards trainees during one or multiple four-month long training periods.  All trainees must receive a minimum of $10,000 in stipend per training period. In addition to the stipend amount, there is an amount dedicated to research expenses. This portion of the award is highly flexible and can be used to support expenses such as protocol, honorariums, and travel that support the training program. An additional possibility is to use the research expense program to support the involvement of additional trainees, such as youth or high school students. The proportion of total award directed towards “research” varies according to the category of trainee as follows:

Minimum amounts per training period (4 month minimum)

The following table related to Mitacs will be requested in your Place-based Knowledge Hub full application:


Please email us at if you have questions related to Mitacs.

CMN is committed to supporting accessible and inclusive research funding