2018 International Mountain Day Celebrations

International Mountain Day 2018


Though mountains play a critical role in societal, ecological, spiritual, and economic vitality, their vulnerability to change is not often a topic of concern.

The 2018 United Nations (UN) International Mountain Day (IMD) Theme “#MountainsMatter” was chosen to encourage a social movement that will allow key messages to be highlighted and brought to the attention of politicians and the public alike. Using ”#MountainsMatter” as a global communications theme will unite voices calling attention to the importance of mountains and the vulnerabilities and threats to these iconic monuments, its peoples, ecology, and habitats.

Share why mountains are important to you using the hashtag “#MountainsMatter”, and join the movement.

Visit InternationalMountainDay.ca for more information or to participate in the 2018 IMD celebrations.

#MountainsMatter for Life

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