Canadian Mountain Podcast

Canadian Mountain Podcast bannerThe Canadian Mountain Podcast is a knowledge mobilization initiative highlighting CMN-supported research and facilitating other important discussions relevant to mountain research in Canada and around the world.

The Canadian Mountain Podcast is produced as a training partnership with the Journalism Program at Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB. Meg Wilcox, Assistant Professor in the School of Communications Studiesserves as Senior Producer with a rotating cohort of undergraduate students, Sarah Buffalo, Gabrielle Pyska, Eric Tanner and Ethan Ward, hosting and producing episodes. 

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Canadian Mountain Podcast episodes

Season 3

3.2 Mountain research through Indigenous and Western knowledge systems (April 30th, 2021)

Host: Eric Tanner, Journalism Student – Mount Royal University


  • Leon Andew, Shúhtagot’įnę Elder, Tulít’a Dene Band, Sahtú Renewable Resources Board
  • Glen MacKay, Territorial Archaeologist, Cultural Places Program, Government of the Northwest Territories

3.1 Studying mountain systems with the Canadian Mountain Network (March 15th, 2021)

Host: Gabrielle Pyska, Journalism Student – Mount Royal University


Season 2

2.4 COVID-19 and mountain tourism (June 17th, 2020)

Host: Blaise Kemna, Journalism Student – Mount Royal University


  • Karen Sorenson, Banff Mayor
  • Joe Pavelka, Professor of Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership at Mount Royal University

2.3 Indigenous-led research (May 29th, 2020)

Host: Blaise Kemna, Journalism Student – Mount Royal University


  • Dr. Courtney Mason, Canada Research Chair in Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Communities, Thompson Rivers University
  • William Snow, Consultation Manager of the Stoney Nakoda Nation
  • Dr. Aimee Schmidt, Excecutive Director of the T’akhu  Tlèn Conservancy in Whitehorse.

2.2 Human-wildlife co-existence (May 4th, 2020)

Host: Blaise Kemna, Journalism Student – Mount Royal University


  • Dr. Don Carruthers Den Hoed – Senior Fellow at the Institute for Environmental Sustainability at Mount Royal University; Manager at the Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership (CPCIL); and CMN-funded researcher
  • Dr. Marco Festa-Bianchet,  Professor of Biology at Université de Sherbrooke and CMN-funded researcher
  • Danah Duke, Executive Director of the Miistakis Institute

2.1 International Mountain Day 2019 Special Edition (Dec. 10, 2019)

Host: Blaise Kemna, Journalism Student – Mount Royal University


  • Will Gadd – Mountain athlete and UN Environment “Mountain Hero”
  • Jim Gudjonson – Director of the Office of Environment and Sustainability, Thompson Rivers University
  • David Hik – Professor of  Terrestrial Ecology, Simon Fraser University and former co-Research Director, Canadian Mountain Network
  • Lael Parrott – Professor of Sustainability and Director of the Okanagan Institute for Biodiversity, Resilience and Ecosystem Services (BRAES) at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan
  • Dan Shugar – Associate Professor of Geoscience and Director, Environmental Science Program at the University of Calgary

Season 1

1.6 #MountainsMatter for Water (Jan. 30, 2019)

Panelists: Bill Donahue, Rolf Vinebrook, Leon Andrew, Dan Farr and William Snow.
Moderated by Roger Epp

1.5 Traditional Knowledge and Community-Based Research in Yukon Territory (April 21, 2017)

Guests: Doug Clark, Katelyn Friendship, Norma Kassi and Katherine Stewart.

1.4 Connectivity and Shared Spaces (April 21, 2017)

Guests: Jonathan Backs, Colleen Cassidy St. Claire, Marie-Eve Merchand, Melanie Percy, Charlie Rabbit, Hank Snow and William Snow.

1.3 2017 International Mountain Day Livestream (Dec. 11, 2017)

Participants: Fred Bradley, Steve Mamet, Jenna McQueen, Erin Reade, Mary Sanseverino, Sarah Waters.

1.2 Panel Discussion on Biodiversity, Contaminants, and Indigenous Food Security (Dec. 6, 2017)

Participants: Norma Kassi, Robyn McLeod, Jim Schieck and William Shotyk.

1.1 Doing Research in the Sahtú Region of the Mackenzie Mountains (Sept. 22, 2016)

Guests: Leon Andrew, Tom Andrews, Heather Sayine and Deborah Simmons.