The Alpine Club of Canada State of the Mountains Report

The Alpine Club of Canada State of the Mountains Report

First published in 2011, the State of the Mountains Report is now established as an important annual contribution to the Alpine Club of Canada’s commitment to provide accessible, current, and accurate information about the forces that affect Canadian mountain places, ecosystems, and communities.

The Report is developed in collaboration with mountain researchers, community members, and partner organizations and its contributors have, in one way or another, dedicated their lives to mountains. Through the Report, they offer first-hand experiences, expertise and photographs to tell the stories of how change in Canadian mountain environments is affecting people and ecosystems. 

The 2020 edition includes the following essays and topics:

  • “The Canadian Mountain Network (CMN): Training Youth as Stewards for an Uncertain Future” by CMN Co-Research Director, Norma Kassi
  • “Moving Mountains,” this year’s feature essay highlighting the impacts of a changing climate interacting with the risks and hazards associated with landslides, volcanic activity, and melting glaciers.
  • People and mountains: youth activism, mountain guides and avalanches
  • Physical mountains: underwater and underground geology
  • Life in the mountains: arctic change, the effects of mining and monitoring mountain biodiversity.

The full 2020 Report, as well as the previous volumes, are freely available online at

The 2019 edition includes essays on:

  • People and mountains: mountain rescue, tourism, sustainability
  • Life in the mountains: caribou, mammals, salmon, pine beetles, algae
  • Physical mountains: geology

To learn more, visit and enjoy the map below produced by Canadian Geographic to celebrate the release of last year’s edition.

Mountains of Canada (Map: Chris Brackley/Can Geo)