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Yukon Initiating Group

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Current Chair(s): 

Aynslie Ogden
T: 867-667-5431
Senior Science Advisor at Government of Yukon

General Members:

Suzanne De La Barre Professor, Recreation/Tourism, Vancouver Island University
Bronwyn Benkert Manager, Northern Climate ExChange, Yukon Research Centre
Ellen Bielawski Professor, Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta
Stephanie Choquette Health Research Analyst, Yukon Health and Social Services, Government of Yukon
Douglas A. Clark Centennial Chair in Human Dimensions of Environment & Sustainability

Professor, School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan

Adjunct Faculty, Yukon College

 Shailyn Drukis Climate Change Community Liaison, Council of Yukon First Nations
 Roger Epp Professor, Political Science, University of Alberta

Director, Ualberta North, University of Alberta

 Meagan Grabowski Researcher, Government of Yukon
 Gordon Hickey  Associate Professor and William Dawson Scholar, Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University
 Mitchell Heynen Environmental / GIS Project Technition, Alexco Environmental Group
 Veronica Huggard Water Strategy Implementation Officer, Government of Yukon
Jeff Hunston Manager, Heritage Resources Unit, Government of Yukon
Jill Johnstone  Professor, Biological Sciences, University of SaskatchewanAffiliate research scientist, Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska
 Norma Kassi  Co-founder and Director of Indigenous Collaboration, Arctic Institute for Community-Based Research
James King  Assistant Professor, Geomorphology, University of Montreal
 Juergen Korn Research and Development Project Manager / Senior Energy Adviser, Government of Yukon
 Tyler Kuhn  Assistant Manger, Habitat Programs, Fish and Wildlife, Environmental Sustainability, Environment, Government of Yukon
 Erin Light Program Adviser, Water Resources, Environmental Sustainability, Environment, Government of Yukon
 James MacDonald Manager, Natural Resources and Environment, council of Yukon First Nations
Lisa Mahon Wildlife Biologist, Boreal Landbird Biologist, Population Assessment Unit, Prairie and Northern Region, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada

Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Alberta

 Andrew McCoy  Manger, Environmental Affairs, Transportation Engineering, Transportation, Highways and Public Works, Government of Yukon
 James McCullough Policy, Planning and Evaluation Unit, Yukon Education, Government of Yukon
 Ellorie McKnight  PhD Student, Biological Science, University of Alberta
 David Miller Northen coordinator, Polar Knowledge Canada
Kate Neville  Assistant Professor, School of Environment, University of Toronto
 Clara Northcott Senior Policy Adviser, Policy and Development, Corporate Services (HSS), Health and Social Services, Government of Yukon
 Christine Plante  MSc Candidate, Sustainable Mountain Development, University of the Highlands and Islands
 Donald Reid  Conservation Zoologist, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada
 Carolyn Relf Director, Geological Survey, Government of Yukon
Clint Sawicki Vice President of Research, Yukon College
Michael Schmidt Yukon Coordinator, Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary
Fiona Schmiegelow  Director, Northern ENCS Program (Wildlife and landscape ecology, conservation science)

Professor, Renewable Resources

 Mike Smith Meteorologist, Government of Yukon
 Anton Solomon  Director, Labour Market Programs and Services, Advanced Education, Government of Yukon
 Bob Van Dijken Director for Circumpolar Relations of the Council of Yukon First Nations
 Maxine White  Yukon Invasive Species Council
Sian Williams Ice Field Discovery
 Geoff Woodhouse  Instructor, School of Business and Leadership, Yukon College


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