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Northwest Territories Initiating Group

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Current Chair(s): 

Andrew Applejohn
E: Andrew_Applejohn@gov.nt.ca
T: (867) 767-9236 (ext. 53178)
Senior Science Advisor, Government of Northwest Territories

General Members:

Amy Amos Executive Director, Gwich’in Renewable Resources Board
Leon Andrew Shúhtagot’ine Elder; Board member, Tulít’a Land and Financial Corporation
Janet Boxwell Renewable Research Manager, Gwich’in Renewable Resources Board
Melanie Desjardins Manager, Geomatics, Informatics Shared Services, Government of Northwest Territories
Jolie Gareis Manager, Western Arctic Research Station, Aurora Research Institute
Bruce Hanna GNWT ENR Advisor Regional Science Programs
John Ketchum Director of the Geological Survey, Government of Northwest Territories
Stu Niven Manager – Environmental Affairs, Department of Infrastructure, Government of Northwest Territories
Pippa Seccombe-Hett Vice President, Research – Aurora Research Institute
Deborah Simmons Executive Director, Sahtu Renewable Resources Board
Andrew Spring Associate Member, Sustainable Solutions Group, Wilfrid Laurier University
Brett Wheler Senior EA Policy Advisor, Mackenzie Valley Review Board


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