Events NCE Planning Workshop (January 2016)

NCE Planning Workshop

NCE planning meeting

The next call for Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE – is anticipated in spring 2017. This workshop was held to determine if there was sufficient interest to develop a Letter of Intent and Full Application for a new NCE that will be focused on Canada’s mountain places, environments, people, communities, economies and futures. Workshop participants helped to define the potential, organizational structure, priorities and possible partners for a Canadian Mountain Network NCE.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Summarize steps taken during 2015 to establish a framework for preparing a NCE application focused on Canadian Mountains;
  2. Review existing and proposed policy and research initiatives relevant to a possible Canadian Mountain NCE;
  3. Establish the guiding principles for the Canadian Mountain NCE governance, participation, research priorities, partnerships, HQP training, aboriginal and community engagement and knowledge translation;
  4. Identify potential Mountain NCE research themes, research platforms and cross-cutting (interdisciplinary, transboundary, local to national, etc.) initiatives as well as end-users of new knowledge and a strategy to engage them in this planning process; and
  5. Confirm the outline of a work-plan for the next 6 months and identify activity leads and an organizational framework.