Pascal Haegeli

Dr. Pascal Haegeli


Pascal Haegeli is an Assistant Professor in the School for Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University where he holds the University Research Chair in Avalanche Risk Management. He leads the SFU Avalanche Research Program (SARP), where he and his graduate students conduct problem-focused avalanche safety research at the interface between the natural and social sciences. The objective of SARP is to advance avalanche safety knowledge and develop evidence-based tools that assist avalanche professionals and backcountry recreationists to make better informed decisions when preparing for and travelling in avalanche terrain. To address this challenge, members of SARP employ approaches and methods from a wide variety of fields including atmospheric science, snow science, geography, GIS, risk analysis, decision-making science, communication, psychology, sociology, accident analysis, public health and medicine.

SARP works closely with and is financially supported by the Canadian avalanche safety community. Dr. Haegeli Research Chair is financially supported by Canadian Pacific, HeliCat Canada, the Canadian Avalanche Association, Avalanche Canada and Avalanche Canada Foundation. Additional financial support for SARP projects have been provided by Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing and Mitacs. The close collaboration between researchers, professional avalanche safety programs and agencies responsible for public avalanche safety provides a unique research environment for developing and implementing practical solutions to real world problems and offers meaningful training opportunities for graduate students.

Selected Publications

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