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Kabir Rasouli


Kabir Rasouli is finishing his PhD in physical geography at the University of Saskatchewan. He has two Master’s degrees in hydrology and atmospheric science with seven years of research and work experience on different hydrometeorologic projects. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2010 and worked on streamflow forecasting incorporating NWP models and climate indices using machine learning methods.

Kabir Rasouli’s research interests include climate change impacts on snow hydrology; vegetation changes under warmer climates; statistical and dynamical downscaling; and mountain hydrology.

Some of his projects experiences include:

  • Physical modelling of cold regions hydrological sensitivity to climate and vegetation changes in mountains ranging from Yukon, Canada to Idaho, USA;
  • Statistical analysis of streamflow variability with water temperature in Fraser River, BC, Canada;
  • Lake Athabasca hydrology, Alberta, Saskatchwan, Canada; and
  • Machine learning based short-time flow forecasts on coastal basins of BC considering large-scale meteorological signals.

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Snowpack sensitivity to perturbed climate in a cool mid-latitude mountain catchment
Rasouli K, JW Pomeroy & DG Marks
Hydrological Processes 29:3925–3940 (Aug 2015)

A radiative–conductive–convective approach to calculate thaw season ground surface temperatures for modelling frost table dynamics
Williams TJ, JWPomeroy, JR Janowicz, SK Carey, K Rasouli & WL Quinton
Hydrological Processes 29:3954–3965 (Aug 2015)

Reply to D. L. Peters’ comment on “Streamflow input to Lake Athabasca, Canada” by Rasouli et al. (2013)
Rasouli K, MA Hernández-Henríquez & SJ Déry
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 19:1287–1292 (Mar 2015)

Impacts of variability and trends in runoff and water temperature on salmon migration in the Fraser River Basin, Canada
Padilla A, K Rasouli & SJ Déry
Hydrological Sciences Journal 60:523–533 (Jan 2015)

Hydrological sensitivity of a northern mountain basin to climate change
Rasouli K, JW Pomeroy, JR Janowicz, SK Carey & TJ Williams
Hydrological Processes 28:4191–4208 (July 2014)

Streamflow input to Lake Athabasca, Canada
Rasouli K, MA Hernández-Henríquez & SJ Déry
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 17:1681–1691 (May 2013)

Daily streamflow forecasting by machine learning methods with weather and climate inputs
Rasouli K, WW Hsieh & AJ Cannon
Journal of Hydrology 414–415:284–293 (2012)

Reply to comment by Jack Lewis et al. on “Forests and floods: A new paradigm sheds light on age-old controversies”
Alila Y, R Hudson, PK Kuraś, M Schnorbus & K Rasouli
Water Resources Research 46:W05802 (May 2010)

Development of a hybrid index for drought prediction: case study
Karamouz M, K Rasouli & S Nazif
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 14:617–627 (Jun 2009)