S. Jeff Birchall

Dr. S. Jeff Birchall


Dr. Birchall recently joined the Urban and Regional Planning Program in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, having previously lectured in the School of Urban and Regional Planning, Ryerson University, and the College of Business and Economics, University of Canterbury, where he completed his PhD and was the recipient of the Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fellowship. Prior to academia, Dr. Birchall held posts at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.

Dr. Birchall’s research focus surrounds the theme local government climate change resilience, which broadly explores how cities and communities confront climate change and adapt to the emerging challenges imposed on them due to increases in temperature, more extreme weather events and a rise in sea level. In particular, through case study-based key informant interviews, Dr. Birchall’s work explores the nature of local scale climate impacts and the decision dynamics around how climate change adaptation is incorporated into strategic policy and planning action implementation.

Dr. Birchall conducts research primarily in coastal/ big river mountain communities in North America (British Columbia, Yukon, Nova Scotia, Alaska), New Zealand and Australia.