Dr. Uwe Glässer

Dr. Uwe Glässer


Dr. Uwe Glässer is a founding co-director of the Public Safety and Security secure-HPC Laboratory at SFU, founding director of the Software Technology Lab in Computing Science, and was a co-director of IRMACS, the centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences (2010-11).

He specializes in formal engineering methods for design and modeling of intelligent systems in interdisciplinary applications of computer science. His extensive work on intelligence gathering for public safety and security addresses situation analysis and anomaly detection using machine learning and predictive analytics for maritime situation analysis, critical infrastructure protection, criminal network analysis and predictive policing. This includes multivariate time series analysis and forecasting for the purpose of cybersecurity intrusion detection, and interactive scenario analysis in massive data sets from monitoring and tracking marine traffic. Time series data from wireless sensor networks considered here typically comprise millions of data points. Virtually all of this work builds on interdisciplinary research collaborations with national and international partners in the public and the private sector, including academic institutions, high-tech industry, Defense R&D Canada, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and local municipalities.

In total, this work has resulted in over 100 peer-reviewed international research publications.

Prior to his current appointment (since 2002), he held academic positions at Paderborn University, Germany (1996-2002); worked on behalf of the International Telecommunication Union, Geneva on telecommunications standardization; and as a guest researcher with Foundations of Software Engineering at Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA (2000-2001).