Dr. Thora Herrmann

Dr. Thora Herrmann


Canada Research Chair in Ethnoecology and Biodiversity Conservation (2006-2011).


Dr. Thora Herrmann is working with indigenous peoples in polar regions on the social-cultural dimensions of human-environment interactions, the impacts of climate and environmental changes on societies, the place-people relationships, and the forms of values, knowledge and use practices of plants and animals by societies.

Previously, she worked at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), and at the German Agency for International Development (GIZ) on issues related to bio-cultural diversity conservation policy. She has 15 years of experience in community-based environmental monitoring in sub-polar and polar regions in Canada, Scandinavia, and Chile in local and indigenous contexts; experience in capacity building of local/indigenous community members in interactive and participatory mapping tools (Umap, GoogleEarth, CyberTracker); experience in interacting with the local community through workshops, interviews and questionnaires for socio-ecological research related to the impacts of climate change on fauna and flora and resulting effects on indigenous livelihoods and health; experience in giving outreach talks and workshops for the local community and school pupils.

Selected Publications

Herrmann, Thora and Thibault Martin, editors. Indigenous Peoples Governance of Land and Protected Territories in the Arctic, Springer, 2016.