Dr. Norman O’Neill

Dr. Norman O’Neill


Dr. Norman O’Neill is a Professor at Université de Sherbrooke. Dr. O’Neill is an expert in aerosol RS and was a co-founder of the AEROCAN (ECCC) sunphotometer / sky radiometer network as well as a small network of starphotometers (including the Eureka starphotometer). He has a keen interest in the physio-optical interpretation of the degree of event-based coherence between surface-based aerosol measurements, lidar backscatter and depolarization profiles and AERONET retrievals (AERONET retrievals both at the extinction-measurement retrieval level for event-based analysis at the ~ minutes and the combined extinction and sky radiance retrieval level at the climatological scale with frequency bins ~ months). His spectral deconvolution algorithm (SDA) extinction-measurement retrieval for the extraction of fine and coarse mode aerosol optical depth is a standard product of the world-wide AERONET network.

Selected Publications

Comparisons of a Chemical Transport Model with a Four-Year (April to September) Analysis of Fine- and Coarse-Mode Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals Over the Canadian Arctic
Hesaraki S, NT O’Neill, G Lesins, A Saha, RV Martin, VE Fioletov, K Baibakov, & I Abboud
Atmosphere-Ocean 55(4-5):213-229 (Aug 2017)
DOI: 10.1080/07055900.2017.1356263

Temporal and spectral cloud screening of polar winter aerosol optical depth (AOD): impact of homogeneous and inhomogeneous clouds and crystal layers on climatological-scale AODs
O’Neill NT, K Baibakov, S Hesaraki, L Ivanescu, RV Martin, C Perro, JP Chaubey, A Herber, & TJ Duck
Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics 16(19):12753-12765 (Oct 2016)

Synchronous polar winter starphotometry and lidar measurements at a High Arctic station
Baibakov K, NT O’Neill, L Ivanescu, TJ Duck, C Perro, A Herber, KH Schulz,
& O Schrems
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 8(9): 3789-3809 (2015)

Properties of Sarychev sulphate aerosols over the Arctic
O’Neill NT, C Perro, A Saha, G Lesins, TJ Duck, E Eloranta, GJ Nott, A Hoffman, ML Karumudi, C Ritter, A Bourassa, I Aboud, SA Carn, & V Savastiouk
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 117(D4): D04203 (2011)

Pan‐Arctic sunphotometry during the ARCTAS‐A campaign of April 2008
Saha A, NT O’Neill, E Eloranta, RS Stone, TF Eck, S Zidane, D Daou, A Lupu, G Lesins, M Shiobara, & LJB McArthur
Geophysical Research Letters 37(5):L05803 (Mar 2010)

Occurrence of weak, sub-micron, tropospheric aerosol events at high Arctic latitudes
O’Neill NT, O Pancrati, K Baibakov, E Eloranta, RL Batchelor, J Freemantle, LJB McArthur, K Strong, & R Lindenmaier
Geophysical Research Letters 35(14):L14814 (Jul 2008)

Coarse mode optical information retrievable using ultraviolet to short‐wave infrared Sun photometry: Application to United Arab Emirates Unified Aerosol Experiment data
O’Neill NT, TF Eck, JS Reid, A Smirnov, & O Pancrati
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 113(D5): D05212 (Mar 2008)

Robust optical features of fine mode size distributions: Application to the Québec smoke event of 2002
O’Neill NT, S Thulasiraman, TF Eck, & JS Reid
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 110(D11): D11207 (June 2005)

Spectral discrimination of coarse and fine mode optical depth
O’Neill NT, TF Eck, A Smirnov, BN Holben, & S Thulasiraman
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 108(D17)4559-4573 (Sept 2003)
DOI: 10.1029/2002JD002975

Bimodal size distribution influences on the variation of Angstrom derivatives in spectral and optical depth space
O’Neill NT, TF Eck, BN Holben, A Smirnov, & O Dubovik
Journal of Geophysical Research 106(D9):9787-9806 (May 2001)

The lognormal distribution as a reference for reporting aerosol optical depth statistics; Empirical tests using multi‐year, multi‐site AERONET Sunphotometer data
O’Neill NT, A Ignatov, BN Holben, & TF Eck
Geophysical Research Letters 27(20):3333-3336 (Oct 2000)

Wavelength dependence of the optical depth of biomass burning, urban, and desert dust aerosols
Eck TF, BN Holben, JS Reid, O Dubovik, A Smirnov, NT O’Neill, I Slutsker, & S Kinne
Journal of Geophysical Research 104(D24):31333-31349 (Dec 1999)