Dr. Maureen Reed

Dr. Maureen Reed


Co-Chair, UNESCO Biocultural Diversity, Reconciliation, and Renewal


Distinguished Researcher Award, University of Saskatchewan, 2017
Women of Distinction, Lifetime Achievement Award, YWCA-Saskatoon, 2016
Distinguished Graduate Supervisor Award, University of Saskatchewan, 2015
National Finalist, SSHRC Impact Award “Connections Category” 2017 and 2014


Dr. Reed is an interdisciplinary social scientist who investigates practices of governance that support resilience and sustainability of social-ecological systems. She holds a UNESCO Chair in Biocultural Diversity, Sustainability, Reconciliation and Renewal – one of only 23 in Canada. She works with organizations and communities that seek to be “living laboratories” for sustainability including UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, Model Forests and forest-based communities, and Indigenous communities, as well as the governmental agencies that support them. She has written 10 books or monographs and has more than 100 primary publications in academic peer-reviewed books and highly respected interdisciplinary international journals such as Conservation Letters, Ecology & Society, Environmental Science & Policy, Journal of Environmental Management, and Society and Natural Resources. Reed has an h-index of 23 and has been cited 5310 times (April 11 2018, GoogleScholar). Since 2012, Reed has been part of research grants totaling $6,037,188, including a team grant secured from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund ($1,700,000). She has served as Principal or Co-Investigator for SSHRC Insight and Connections Grants ($1,122,286) and Collaborator on others ($1,964,966).