Dianne Chisholm

Dr. Dianne Chisholm


Dianne is a reader, writer, teacher, traveler and photographer. With a D.Phil. from Oxford she conducted twenty-five years of research and teaching across the Humanities until retiring as Emeritus from the University of Alberta. She has published extensively on literary modernism and contemporary poetics, feminist theory and criticism, queer urban subculture, and environmental art and literature. A youthful phase of avid mountaineering prepared her for diverse critical adventures, including photography where, for her, exploratory thinking and traveling most engagingly meet. High altitude expeditions to the Alaska Range, Bolivian and Peruvian Andes, Mongolian Altai, and Rolwaling Himal taught her to see landscapes as territories of emerging perception. Recent travels around Iceland, East Greenland, northern Norway, the Canadian Arctic, and the Antarctic Peninsula reorient her sense of place towards circumpolar realities and the extreme arctic fronts of climate change.

While continuing to produce scholarly work, she has initiated two creative book projects. Arctic Circlings: Travels in Nomadic Thought features investigative photo-meditations that provoke thinking outside dominant metropolitan frameworks. The Living Ice composes vibrant, photographic “icescapes” for conjuring a series of philosophical essays on global warming and the material affects of ice.

Selected Publications

2016. “The Enduring Afterlife of Before Tomorrow: Inuit Survivance and the Spectral Cinema of Arnait Video Productions.” Etudes/Inuit/Studies 40.1. 211-28.

2016. “Shaping an Ear for Climate Change: The Silarjuapomorphizing Music of Alaskan Composer John Luther Adams.” Environmental Humanities 8.2. (November): 172-95.

2014. “Juliana Spahr’s Ecopoetics: Ecologies and Politics of the Refrain.” Contemporary Literature 55.1 (Spring 2016): 118-47.

2012. “The Becoming-Animal of Being Caribou: Art, Ethics, Politics.” Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge 24 (Fall 2012). 12 print pp. (Rpt. in Sustaining the West: Cultural Responses to Canadian Environments. Eds. Liza Piper and Lisa Szabo-Jones. Waterloo, ON: Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2015. 89-109.)

2011. “The Art of Ecological Thinking: Literary Ecology.” ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment. 18.3 (Summer): 569-93

2010. “Biophilia, Creative Involution, and the Ecological Future of Queer Desire.” In Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Biopolitics and Desire. Eds. Catriona Sandilands and Bruce Erickson. Indiana University Press. 359-81.

2008. “Climbing Like a Girl: An Exemplary Adventure in Feminist Phenomenology.Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy 23.1 (Winter): 9-40.