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Dr. Darwyn Coxson


Darwyn Coxson is a faculty member in the Ecosystem Science and Management Program at the University of Northern British Columbia.  His research in the northern Columbia and Rocky Mountains examines the ecological factors that sustain inland temperate rainforests in British Columbia, using canopy lichens as indicators of old forest communities.  This ecosystem, which shares many affinities with coastal temperate rainforests, has been highly fragmented by resource development and faces an uncertain future in the face of climate change.  Darwyn was a co-author on the 2011 UBC Press book Ecology, Conservation, and Management of British Columbia’s Inland Rainforest.  His research on the inland rainforest was a major factor in the decision by the B.C. Provincial government in the spring of 2016 to create the new Chun T’oh Whudujut/Ancient Forest Provincial Park; a 12,000 ha protected area conserving inland rainforest stands of the upper Fraser River watershed.