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Dr. Darryl E. Carlyle-Moses


Darryl Carlyle-Moses holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in the area of Forest Hydrology and Micrometeorology. Darryl is currently an Associate Professor and the Chair of the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies at Thompson Rivers University. His research interests focus primarily around the impact of disturbance (e.g., wildfire, insect infestations, commercial logging, etc.) on hydrological processes as well the storm-water management potential of vegetation cover in mountain environments. Dr. Carlyle-Moses has published in international journals such as Hydrological Processes, Journal of Hydrology, and Agricultural and Forest Meteorology; contributed towards three chapters in the British Columbia Compendium of Forest Hydrology and Geomorphology, and was a co-editor and chapter contributor to Springer’s Forest Hydrology and Biogeochemistry: Synthesis of Past Research and Future Directions. Dr. Carlyle-Moses has conducted field work in a number of locations including the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains of Mexico and on the Interior Plateau of British Columbia.

Selected Publications

Chapter 43: Rainfall interception, detention and depression storage, In: Chow’s Handbook of Applied Hydrology (2nd Edition, Ed. V. Singh)
Carlyle-Moses DE
McGraw-Hill Education, New York, New York, USA (in press)

Stemflow production by juvenile lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta var. latifolia)
McKee AJ & DE Carlyle-Moses
Journal of Forestry Research (in press)

The influence of rainfall depth class and deciduous tree traits on stemflow production in an urban park
Schooling JT & DE Carlyle-Moses
Urban Ecosystems 18:1261–1284 (Dec 2015)

Throughfall heterogeneity and temporal persistence below and between the canopies of juvenile lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta)
Carlyle-Moses DE & CE Lishman
Hydrological Processes 29:4051–4067 (Aug 2015)

Tree traits and meteorological factors influencing the initiation and rate of stemflow from isolated deciduous trees
Carlyle-Moses DE & JT Schooling
Hydrological Processes 29:4083–4099 (Aug 2015)

A preliminary evaluation of throughfall sampling techniques in a mature coniferous forest
Carlyle-Moses DE, CE Lishman & AJ McKee
Journal of Forestry Research 25:407–413 (Jun 2014)

Rainfall interception loss by forest canopies. In: Levia DF, Carlyle-Moses DE and Tanaka T (Eds.), Forest Hydrology and Biogeochemistry: Synthesis of Past Research and Future Directions
Carlyle-Moses DE & JHC Gash
Ecological Series 216, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany, pp 407–424 (2011)

Modeling interception loss from forest restoration trails in Panama
Carlyle-Moses DE, AD Park & JL Cameron
Ecohydrology 3:272–283 (Sep 2010)