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Dr. Dan J. Smith


Dan J. Smith is a Professor of Geography in the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria, British Columbia. His research centres on the cold region attributes of high mountain regions in western Canada, where he currently leads graduate student-focused research expeditions to remote areas in the British Columbia Coast Mountains to document the long-term and historical response of glaciers and landscapes to changing climates. At the University he teaches courses in geomorphology, weather and climate, and hydrology, as well as leading undergraduate field courses to mountain settings that are always distant from the university campus.

Selected Publications

Holocene glacier history of Frank Mackie Glacier, northern British Columbia Coast Mountains
St-Hilaire VM & DJ Smith
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences doi:10.1139/cjes-2015-0236 (online Sep 2016)

13,000 years of fire history derived from soil charcoal in a British Columbia coastal temperate rain forest
Hoffman KM, DG Gavin, KP Lertzman, DJ Smith & BM Starzomski
Ecosphere 7:e01415 (Jul 2016)

Predicting softwood quality attributes from climate data in Interior British Columbia, Canada
Wood LJ, DJ Smith & ID Hartley
Forest Ecology and Management 361:81–89 (Feb 2016)

Expansion of alpine glaciers in Pacific North America in the first millennium AD
Reyes AV, GC Wiles, DJ Smith, et al.
Geology 34:57–60 (Jan 2006)

Little Ice Age glacial activity in the Mt. Waddington area, British Columbia Coast Mountains, Canada
Larocque SJ & DJ Smith
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 40:1413–1436 (Oct 2003)

Interdecadal climate variability and regime‐scale shifts in Pacific North America
Gedalof Z & DJ Smith
Geophysical Research Letters 28:1515–1518 (Apr 2001)