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Dr. Christian G. Schoof


I am a Canada Research Chair in Global Process Modelling at the University of British Columbia, focusing my research on the dynamics and hydrology of mountain glaciers and larger ice sheets. My work combines modelling with long-term observational work centered on the St Elias mountains in the Yukon Territory, where I have spent eleven seasons researching the interplay between surface melting, subglacial meltwater drainage and glacier dynamics. Prior to my arrival at UBC, I completed an undergraduate degree in physics and PhD in applied mathematics in the UK.

Selected Publications

Oscillatory subglacial drainage in the absence of surface melt
Schoof CG, CA Rada, NJ Wilson, GE Flowers & M Haseloff
The Cryosphere, 8:959–976 (May 2014)

Contemporary glacier processes and global change: Recent observations from Kaskawulsh Glacier and the Donjek Range, St. Elias Mountains
Flowers GE, L Copland & CG Schoof
Arctic 67(SUPPL 1):22–34 (Feb 2014)

Modeling channelized and distributed subglacial drainage in two dimensions
Werder MA, IJ Hewitt, CG Schoof & GE Flowers
Journal of Geophysical Research 118:2140–2158 (Dec 2013)

Present dynamics and future prognosis of a slowly surging glacier
Flowers, G.E., N. Roux, S. Pimentel and C.G. Schoof
Cryosphere 5:299–323 (Mar 2011)