Chenoa Sly

Chenoa Sly


Chenoa is a Master of Arts student in the department of Political Science at the University of Alberta, specializing in International Relations. She holds a BA from the University of Alberta with a major in Political Science and a minor in Biological Sciences. She is currently employed as a Communications Intern at the Canadian Mountain Network. In September 2017, Chenoa will start Law School with the hopes of eventually working in the area of Constitutional Law, and in International Human Rights Law in Canada.

Chenoa’s research considers the ways in which humanitarian intervention can be thought of as conceptually incompatible with humanitarianism and argues that humanitarianism, with its imperative to alleviate suffering, is better thought of in relation to an ethic of care, while humanitarian intervention is a part of a neo-imperial project linked to human rights and national security. She is interested in structures of inequality and their perpetuation; and in the intersection of politics and law.

A collection of Mountain News articles and Research Summaries written by Chenoa, can be found here.

Outside of work, Chenoa enjoys hiking, travelling, and being outdoors.