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Charlie J.G. Loewen


Charlie Loewen started a communications internship with the Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) in September, 2016. His primary responsibilities at CMN included stakeholder engagement, scientific writing, and web development for the CMN Mountain Portal. He has authored a series of plain language project summaries to communicate multidisciplinary research outcomes with the public (available here) and provided editing for other contributions.

Charlie is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. His research focuses on the ecology and biogeography of freshwater ecosystems, with an emphasis on the functional resistance of mountain lake communities against invasive species and climate change. Prior to starting his PhD, Charlie spent several years working as an environmental consultant. Some of his project experiences included water quality assessment, oil spill response and impact assessment, fish community assessment, and environmental monitoring for construction activities. Outside of work, Charlie is a nature enthusiast who enjoys music and travel.

Featured Research Summaries

Regional Biodiversity Rescues Alpine Lakes from Invasive Fish

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Regional diversity reverses the negative impacts of an alien predator on local species‐poor communities
Loewen CJG & RD Vinebrooke
Ecology 97:2740–2749 (Oct 2016)

Net effects of multiple stressors in freshwater ecosystems: a meta-analysis
Jackson MC, CJG Loewen, RD Vinebrooke & CT Chimimba
Global Change Biology 22:180–189 (Jan 2016)