Les établissements d’enseignement

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Alberta College of Art and Design

(Calgary, Alberta – acad.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Benedict Fullalove Assistant Professor, Critical and Creative Studies

University of Alberta

(Edmonton, Alberta – www.ualberta.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Mark S. Boyce Professor and ACA Chair in Fisheries and Wildlife, Biological Sciences
Scott X. Chang Professor, Renewable Resources
David W. Coltman Professor and Associate Dean of Research, Biological Sciences
Janice E.K. Cooke Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
James Doiron Research Data Management Services Coordinator, Libraries
Kelsey Dokis-Jansen Indigenous Initiatives Manager, Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
Roger Epp Professor and Director of UAlberta North, Politicial Science
Nadir Erbilgin Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair, Renewable Resources
Monireh Faramarzi Assistant Professor and Campus Alberta Innovates Chair in Watershed Science, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Elizabeth A. Halpenny Associate Professor, Physical Education and Recreation
Howard Harshaw Assistant Professor, Physical Education and Recreation
David S. Hik Professor and NCE Planning Lead, Biological Sciences
Stephen T. Johnson Professor and Chair, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Jeffrey L. Kavanaugh Associate Professor and NCE Planning Co-Lead, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Naomi T. Krogman Professor, Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
C. Lisa Mahon Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences
M. Anne Naeth Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Renewable Resources
Mark Nuttall Professor and Henry Marshall Tory Chair of Anthropology, Anthropology
Joseph F. Patrouch Professor and Director of the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies, History and Classics
Iwona Pawlina Director, Natural Sciences and Engineering Grant Assist Program
Liza Piper Associate Professor, History and Classics
Julie Rak Professor and Associate Chair (Graduate Studies)
Guillermo H. Ramirez Assistant Professor, Renewable Resources
PearlAnn Reichwein Associate Professor, Physical Education and Recreation
Zac Robinson Assistant Professor, Physical Education and Recreation
Jens Roland Professor, Biological Sciences
Jonathan Schaeffer Professor and Dean of Science, Computing Science
Fiona K.A. Schmiegelow Professor and Director of Northern Environmental and Conservation Sciences, Renewable Resources
Martin Sharp Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Ali Shiri Professor and Associate Chair, School of Library and Information Studies
Stephen Slemon Professor, English and Film Studies
Martyn J. Unsworth Professor, Physics
Rolf D. Vinebrooke Professor, Biological Sciences
Kristof Van Assche Professor, Planning, Governance, and Development
John W.F. Waldron Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Heather E. Young-Leslie Director of Social Sciences & Humanities Grant Assist Program, Office of the Vice-President (Research)
Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Role
Imtihan Ahmed BSc Student
Pierre Lin BSc Student
Charlie J.G. Loewen PhD Candidate
Michelle Mausolf MSc Student
Chenoa Sly MA Student

Aurora College

(Fort Smith, Northwest Territories – www.auroracollege.nt.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Pippa Seccombe-Hett Vice President, Research

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

(Banff, Alberta – www.banffcentre.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Laurie Harvey Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Banff Mountain Film & Book Festivals

University of British Columbia

(Vancouver, British Columbia – www.ubc.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Amy Angert Associate Professor, Botany
Allan L. Carroll Professor, Forest and Conservation Sciences
Marwan Hassan Professor and Department Head, Geography
Gregory H.R. Henry Professor, Geography
Michele Koppes Assistant Professor, Geography
Kathy Martin Professor, Forest and Conservation Sciences
William K. Milsom Professor Emeritus, Zoology
Lael Parrott Professor of Sustainability and Director of the Okanagan Institute for BRAES
Christian G. Schoof Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Global Process Modelling, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

University of Calgary

(Calgary, Alberta – www.ucalgary.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Adrienne Cunnings Coordinator for Research and University Groups, Biogeosicence Institute
Peter Dunfield Professor, Biological Sciences
Edward A. Johnson Professor and Director of Biogeoscience Institute, Biological Sciences
Shawn Marshall Professor and Canada Research Chair in Climate Change, Geography

Dalhousie University

(Halifax, Nova Scotia – www.dal.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Djordje Grujic Professor, Earth Sciences

University of Guelph

(Guelph, Ontario – www.uoguelph.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Sarah J. Adamowicz Associate Professor, Integrative Biology

Université Laval

(Quebec City, Quebec – https://www.ulaval.ca/en.html)

Professor or Administrator Role
Steeve Côté Professor

University of Lethbridge

(Lethbridge, Alberta – www.uleth.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Philip P. Bonnaventure Assistant Professor, Geography

University of Manitoba

(Winnipeg, Manitoba – umanitoba.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Deborah Simmons Assistant Professor, Native Studies
Ronald Stewart Professor, Environment and Geography

McGill University

(Montreal, Quebec – http://www.mcgill.ca/)

Highly Qualified Personnel Role
Samantha Darling PhD Candidate, Sustainable Futures Lab


(Hamilton, Ontario – http://www.mcmaster.ca/)

Professor or Administrator Role
Sean Carey Professor, School of Geography and Earth Sciences

Université de Montréal

(Montreal, Quebec – www.umontreal.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
James King Professeur adjoint, Geography

Mount Royal University

(Calgary, Alberta – www.mtroyal.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Sonya L. Jakubec Associate Professor, School of Nursing and Midwifery

University of Northern British Columbia

(Prince George, British Columbia – www.unbc.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Annie L. Booth Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management Program
Darwin Coxson Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management Prgogram
Brian Menounos Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Glacial Change, Geography

University of Ottawa

(Ottawa, Ontario – www.uottawa.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Luke Copland Professor, Geography, Environment and Geomatics
Konrad Gajewski Professor, Geography, Environment and Geomatics

University of Saskatchewan

(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – www.usask.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Douglas A. Clark Associate Professor and Centennial Chair, School of Environment and Sustainability
Ken Coates Director of the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development and Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
Jill F. Johnstone Professor, Biology
John W. Pomeroy Professor, Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change, and Director of UofS Centre for Hydrology and Coldwater Laboratory, Geography & Planning
Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Role
Kabir Rasouli PhD Candidate, Geography & Planning

Université de Sherbrooke

(Sherbrooke, Québec – www.usherbrooke.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Marco Festa-Bianchet Professeur titulaire, Département de Biologie
Fanie Pelletier Professeure titulaire, Département de Biologie
Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Role
Gabriel Pigeon PhD Candidate, Département de Biologie

Simon Fraser University

(Vancouver, British Columbia – www.sfu.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Diana M. Allen Professor, Earth Sciences
John J. Clague Professor Emeritus, Earth Sciences
Gwenn E. Flowers Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
Jeremy Venditti Professor,Geography; Director,Environmental Science
Brent C. Ward Professor, Earth Sciences
Glyn Williams-Jones Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Role
Kara Pitman PhD Candidate, Biological Sciences
Alexandra Pulwicki MSc Candidate, Earth Sciences

École de Technologie Superieure

(Montréal, Québec – www.etsmtl.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Michel Baraër Professeur, Département de génie de la construction

Thompson Rivers University

(Kamloops, British Columbia – ww.tru.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Darryl E. Carlyle-Moses Associate Professor and Chair, Geography and Environmental Studies
Sarah Osberg Lecturer, Adventure Studies
Peter Larose Sessional Faculty, Tourism Management
Matt W. Reudink Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

University of Toronto

(Toronto, Ontario – www.utoronto.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
G.W.K. Moore Professor, Physics

Yukon College

(Whitehorse, Yukon – www.yukoncollege.yk.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Bronwyn Benkert Manager, Northern Climate ExChange
Meagan Grabowski Researcher, Northern Climate ExChange
Clint Sawicki Vice President, Research

University of Victoria

(Victoria, British Columbia – www.uvic.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Jason T. Fisher Adjunct Professor, Environmental Studies; Senior Research Scientist (InnoTech Alberta)
Eric S. Higgs Professor and NCE Planning Co-Lead, Environmental Studies
Dan J. Smith Professor, Geography

Vancouver Island University

(Nanaimo , British Columbia – www.viu.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Suzanne De La Barre Professor, Recreation and Tourism Management

University of Waterloo

(Waterloo, Ontario – uwaterloo.ca)

Professor or Administrator Role
Brent Doberstein Associate Professor, Geography and Environmental Management


University of Central Asia - The Mountain Societies Research Institute

(Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic – www.ucentralasia.org)

L’Institut de recherche sur les sociétés de montagne (IRSM) est un institut de base de l’École supérieure de développement de l’Université de l’Asie centrale (UAC), collabore avec l’Institut des politiques publiques et de l’administration (IPPA). MSRI mène recherche pour le développement avec le but d’améliorer le bien-être des communautés de montagne en Asie centrale, qui incluent des chaînes de montagnes Tian Shan, Pamir, Hindou Kush et Karakorum. Une facette clé du programme de travail de MSRI est de mieux comprendre et renforcer à la fois la résilience des sociétés de montagne ainsi que leur capacité de se transformer et s’adapter aux changements globaux.

MSRI a cinq objectifs

  • Générer connaissance environ les sociétés de montagne par recherche scientifique originale;
  • Servir comme une centre de connaissance pour des chercheurs, des praticiens du développement et des décideurs;
  • Améliorer la capacité régionale de mener une recherche solide en rapport avec les sociétés de montagne
  • Informer la politique et des pratiques par engagement avec des principaux partenaires de développement
  • Partager connaissance avec des acteurs de la montagne, en incluent le co-développement et la co-enseignement des programmes universitaires de l’UCA

MSRI mène recherche transdisciplinaire pour contribuer à informer au Développement durable des montagnes (DDM) en Asie centrale. Des approches intégrées et participatives de MSRI à la recherche au bénéfice des sociétés de montagne exigent une compréhension des facteurs sociaux et écologiques qui fonctionnant sur de multiples échelles spatiales et temporelles.

Professor or Administrator Role
Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt Director