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Leadership Team and Administrative Centre


David Hik

David Hik
Co-Research Director

E: david.hik@ualberta.ca

T: 1 (780) 492-9878

Dr. David Hik is a Professor of Biology at the University of Alberta. David Hik’s research interests have been focused on the ecology and dynamics of Arctic and mountain environments; determinants of social-ecological resilience; and the interface between science and policy.

Norma Kassi
Co-Research Director

 Joining the CMN team in January 2018, Norma Kassi was raised and educated in Old Crow, Yukon; She is Vuntut Gwitchin (People of the Lakes) and a member of the Wolf Clan. In 1985, she was elected into Yukon’s Legislative Assembly as Member for Vuntut Gwitchin, a position she held until 1992. During this time, she was selected by the Elders of the Gwitchin Nation to act as a spokesperson on behalf of the Gwitchin people for the preservation of the Porcupine Caribou Herd. From 1995 to 1998, due to concern of contaminants in traditional foods, she was the Environmental Manager for the Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN). Norma co-founded Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research and, following a break to serve as the elected Chief of Vuntut Gwitchin in November 2010, serves as Director of Indigenous Collaboration.
Christy Urban

 Christy Urban
Executive Director

E: christy.urban@ualberta.ca

T: 1 (780) 492-0604

 Christy offers CMN 18 years of business expertise with a strong concentration in strategic planning, management, reporting, and corporate communication. As an experienced executive and consultant, she has worked on countless projects for the corporate and non-profit sector as well as, government. She has also held the title of Executive Director and Managing Director for various environmental and technology-based incorporations.
 Christy Urban

 Matthew Berry
Director of Partnership Development

E: mberry@ualberta.ca

T: 1 (403) 700-2822

Matthew Berry advises forward-thinking organizations on strategic communications, policy, partnerships, and organizational development. He has held a wide variety of positions in post-secondaries, the not-for-profit sector, the energy industry, provincial and federal governments, and Parliament.
 Kathy Watton
Administrative Assistant

Pierre Lin
Communications Intern

E: pslin@ualberta.ca

 Pierre is an undergraduate student pursuing a BSc Specialization in Computing Science at the University of Alberta. With a background in the geology program at the University of Alberta, he brings a diverse, interdisciplinary skill set. He is currently employed as a Communications Intern with the Canadian Mountain Network.

Kathrin Kapfinger
Communications Intern

E: kapfinge@ualberta.ca

Kathrin is a Master of Arts student in the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta, with a special interest in International Relations and Migration. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in North American Studies and Political Science. She is currently employed as a Communications Intern at the Canadian Mountain Network.

Michelle Murphy
Communications Intern

E: mnmurphy@ualberta.ca

Michelle is a Master of Art student at the University of Alberta. She previously completed a Bachelor of Science and has an interdisciplinary background with coursework in biology, nutrition, and food science. She is currently employed as a Communications Intern for the Canadian Mountain Network and is a Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation.