Steering Group

Last updated on June 14th, 2017 at 09:47 am

Steering Group

The Steering Group is the primary decision making body of the Canadian Mountain Network. The Steering Group must take into consideration the views presented by the network members and affiliates, through the initiating groups and otherwise, and unify them into one voice

Next Meeting: July 6, 2017


To be determined
Ex Officio Members
Matthew Berry
Eric S. Higgs
David S. Hik
Jeffrey L. Kavanaugh
Christy Urban
General Members
Leon Andrew
Andrew Applejohn (Alternate: Bruce Hanna)
Stacey Austinson
Andrea Buckley (Alternate: Aynslie Ogden)
Roger Epp
Greg Henry (Alternate: Marwan Hassan)
Edward A. Johnson
Zac Robinson
Clint Sawicki
Jonathan Schaeffer
Dan J. Smith
Tosh Southwick
William Snow