Highly Qualified Personnel Commitee

Highly Qualified Personnel Committee

The Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Committee is responsible for the development of programming to contribute to the training and retention of HQP in Canada. HQP are, “trainees and research staff such as undergraduate and graduate students; postdoctoral fellows; research associates; research assistants; technicians; and summer students” (NCE Program Guide).  HQP programming should, “add value to the formal training initiatives already available through the academic community and should aim at helping HQP find employment in the Canadian economy” (NCE Program Guide).



Jeffrey Kavanaugh Jeffrey L. Kavanaugh

E: jeff.kavanaugh@ualberta.ca
T: 1 (780) 492-1740

Ex Officio Members
Jeffrey L. Kavanaugh
General Members
Yaser Ali
Bronwyn Benkert
Charlotte Dawe
Jennifer Fresque-Baxter
Daren Hancott
 Edward A. Johnson
 Tracey Lachine
Deborah Simmons
Andrea Spevak
Kathy Watton