Committees and Councils

Committees and Councils

To view a detailed list of membership, to view upcoming meeting dates, or to access contact information for the chair of any committee, please select from below:

    • Steering Group: The Steering Group is the primary decision making body of the Canadian Mountain Network. The Steering Group must take into consideration the views presented by the network members and affiliates, through the initiating groups and otherwise, and unify them into one voice


    • Advisory Council: The Advisory Council is a group of individuals who provide guidance to the Canadian Mountain Network and the Canadian Mountain Network Steering Group and who do not have a vested interest in the success of the network nor stand to make a financial gain through their participation.


    • Highly Qualified Personnel Committee: The Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) Committee is responsible for the development of programming to contribute to the training and retention of HQP in Canada. HQP are, “trainees and research staff such as undergraduate and graduate students; postdoctoral fellows; research associates; research assistants; technicians; and summer students” (NCE Program Guide).  HQP programming should, “add value to the formal training initiatives already available through the academic community and should aim at helping HQP find employment in the Canadian economy” (NCE Program Guide).


    • Research Data Management Committee: The Research Data Management Committee (RDMC) is tasked with developing a strategic research data management plan for the Canadian Mountain Network. The RDMC emphasizes efficient knowledge mobilization, and respect for the intentions of knowledge holders


    • International Mountain Day Committee: The International Mountain Day Committee is tasked with the planning and carrying-out of the annual Mountain Festival at the University of Alberta. In honour of the United Nations’ International Mountain Day on December 11th, the Mountain Festival brings the mountain community together to celebrate the incredible richness and diversity of mountain cultures, ecosystems and landscapes in Canada and around the world.