About Committees

Steering Group – established as the primary decision-making body for the CMN

Advisory Council – established as a group of mentors and advisors to assess project risks and provide council to the Steering Group

Research Committee – established to make recommendations for defining signature research themes based on regional priorities

Research Data Management Committee – established to develop a strategic research data management plan and proof of concept that will support the CMN and mountain research needs

Funding Committee – established to ensure sufficient operational and leveraged funds required for grant applications

Network Development Committee – established to ensure that all relevant stakeholders (national and international) have been included in an engagement strategy

Ethics and Code of Conduct Committee – established to develop code of conduct policy for the CMN, including protocols and identified values for conducting research

HQP (Highly Qualified Personnel) Program Committee – established to formulate a plan to augment the education of regional students and personnel by providing an enhanced training program to help prepare them for work as researchers and professionals in other sectors (e.g., government, business, and non-government organizations)

International Mountain Day Committee – established to plan a Mountain Festival in support of UN’s International Mountain Day, with special events held in various mountain communities around the country and a public symposium at the University of Alberta